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Thursday, October 1, 2015

MG&E Proposes Community Solar Pilot Program

Vernon Electric Cooperative Community Solar
Madison Gas & Electric filed an application this week to launch a pilot program, which, if approved, would result in the construction of a 500-kilowatt array atop the Middleton Municipal Operations Center under construction. Under the proposal, MG&E will market the output from this array in 250 watt increments to residential customers, up to a maximum of 3 kW per household. Participating customers would pay a one-time up-front payment to MG&E and then receive, at a partially fixed price over a 25-year period, output up to one-half of their annual electric usage.  Under current rates, the price of electricity received through the Community Solar array would be close to the levels that Green Power Tomorrow customers pay for their renewable electricity.

As was done with other utility community solar initiatives,
RENEW plans to submit comments on
Eau Claire Electric Cooperative Community Solar Array
this pilot program to the Public Service Commission. The agency’s decision should occur before the end of October—check back with us to find out if the PSC approved MGE’s Community Solar tariff. For more information on this proposal, you can review the application here.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a short article on MG&E’s proposal, which can be accessed here.

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