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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RENEW testifies against SB 167

Senate bill would make it easier to sue over alleged negative impacts of wind turbines

 RENEW Policy Director, Michael Vickerman presented testimony today against SB 167, a bill which would allow persons living within 1.5 miles of a wind turbine to sue for damages to health and property values, purportedly due to the proximity of the turbine. Vickerman argued that such a bill would effectively end wind development in Wisconsin:

"No other state has adopted, or is considering the adoption of, a policy that puts wind generators and host landowners at risk of being sued for alleged damages. No other state has established, or is considering the establishment of, such extreme setbacks in order to eradicate a legitimate business activity that supports thousands of jobs in the United States, including many here. This begs the question, how much business activity would actually occur in Wisconsin if the Legislature granted state residents the right, on the basis of an alleged hardship, to sue the owners of coal-fired power plants, high-voltage transmission lines, metallic mines, non-metallic mines, landfills, waste transfer stations, airports, railroads, truck stops, metal fabrication plants, paper mills, food processing facilities, and confined livestock operations so long as the offending facility is located within 1.5 miles of the complainant?"

Read Michael Vickerman's entire testimony

See the 11/19/2013  Capital Times article on SB 167


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