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Friday, August 30, 2013

RENEW Proposes Improvements to WPS’s “Restrictive” Net Metering Service

In testimony submitted yesterday in Wisconsin Public Service Corporation’s ongoing rate case (Docket 6690-UR-1220), RENEW witness Michael Vickerman takes the utility to task over its net metering service, which it proposes to weaken even further. Vickerman’s testimony discusses specific elements of the utility’s net metering proposal, which, if approved, would unreasonably discriminate against WPS customer-generators compared to those located in the service territory of other investor-owned utilities. These proposals include reducing WPS’s net metering threshold from 100 kW to 20 kW and limiting availability of net metering to energy-only customers. Vickerman’s testimony also describes the necessary analysis that would be required for WPSC to claim that net metering customers are not paying the costs they cause, i.e., that they are “subsidized.” WPS has not performed such analysis. Vickerman concludes his testimony with recommendations for aligning WPSC’s net metering tariff with the best practices offered by other utilities. Click here to view his complete pre-filed testimony.

Public Service Commission witness Corey Singletary also submitted testimony on net metering. He describes WPS’s offering as “the most restrictive net metering service of any Wisconsin utility.” His positions on WPS’s proposals to weaken its net metering service even further are similar to RENEW’s. Click here to access Singletary's pre-filed testimony.

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