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Friday, July 13, 2012

RENEW says renewable energy can reduce greenhouse gases

From a presentation on July 11, 2012, at a Capitol news conference in the state Capitol:

Pathways to Increase Renewable Energy
1. Allow private companies to sell renewable energy to home and building occupants if the renewable system is on private property;
2. Allow fair and uniform net energy billing and interconnection policies;
3. Increase Focus on Energy funding for renewables;
4. Reinstate utility renewable energy commitments;
5. Increase renewable energy requirements.


  1. We should keep trying to get more and more manufacturers to invest in renewable energy certificates as they are the ones that require the most amount of energy to make their products. Green energy is at our fingertips, we should spread the word on this potentially beneficial option.

  2. Solar power is renewable. Instead of selling energy itself, why not sell SOLAR PANELS perth and leave the production of "renewable energy to home and building occupants"? Just an idea.

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