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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Town of Holland can't block wind farms, developer says

From an article by Scott Williams in The Northwestern (Oshkosh):

A wind farm developer has cautioned town of Holland officials that their moratorium on construction of wind farms is not legally enforceable.

Invenergy LLC, which is seeking state approval for a wind farm in southern Brown County, also questions Holland's toughened setback requirements for wind turbines.
"Regardless of the town's desire to enact such a moratorium or setbacks, it has no power to do so," Invenergy attorney Peter Gardon wrote in a six-page letter dated Feb. 4.

The Holland Town Board voted Feb. 1 to impose a one-year moratorium on wind farm construction so residents could have more time to study and debate the Invenergy plan. The Chicago-based company wants to build 22 wind turbines in Holland, as well as 78 more in the neighboring towns of Morrison, Wrightstown and Glenmore.

It would be the first major commercial wind farm in Brown County and the largest in Wisconsin.

An opposition group called Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy has urged Holland and the other towns to enact moratoriums.

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