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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glacier Hills Wind Park hearing, Nov. 4

The Public Service Commission will take public testimony on We Energies' proposed Glacier Hills Wind Park.

Wednesday, November 4
3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Randolph Town Hall
109 S. Madison St. – Friesland

Those opposed to wind projects will likely make arguments like the one below from letter-to-the-editor of the Manitowoc Times Herald. The writere offered this outrageous explanation for why the Legislature passed and the govenor signed the bill on wind siting reform:
Blinded by a feel-good solution for a problem that never existed [global warming], legislators are being misled into a belief that something like wind turbines will not have a negative effect on those who are left to live around them . . .

To understand the problem you needed to be at the hearing in Mandison on May 12, held by the Senate and Assembly Energy Committee. . . .

It was obvious that the pro-wind lobby, paid with your tax money from RENEW Wisconsin, had the minds of legislators on their side long before the hearing.
Read more wild assertions from the letter.


  1. Ed you are great for standing up against the people who live in windfarms who say their kids can't sleep you are right to ridicule the people who are suffering in the wind farms and all the people who are miserable because of turbine noise and can't sell their house those babies who talked at the May 12 hearing you are right to mock families who are asking for help because in the end wind turbines are more important than stupid people making up problems you are right to tell them they are liars and making it up you are great Ed Blume thank g-d for you Ed!

  2. You should read this post --