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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Onalaska schools save energy and money

From an article by Bob Seaquist in the Onalaska Holmen Life Courier:

Saving energy in small ways is saving the Onalaska School District big money. Doug Hause, the district’s energy director told the Onalaska Board of Education Monday night the effort has saved $446,058 over the past 24 months. That is a 30 percent drop from what energy expenditures would have been without the program.

“We don’t suddenly have $400,000 sitting there but just have $400,000 less in expenses,” Superintendent John Burnett said.
In the past two years Onalaska schools spent $1,096,427 for energy.

The district contracts with Energy Education Inc., paying the firm about $88,500 per year in a four-year contract.

The company estimates the school district will save $4.5 million over a 10-year period if it sticks with the effort, Hauser said.

Remarkably, energy savings continue piling up even though the program is going into its third year. Hauser said a “plateau” has not occurred because there are “so many ways n facets n to save energy.” He gives extra credit to building head custodians who keep looking for ways to cut electricity, heat and air conditioning waste.

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